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Future of Health Care: From the Flintstones to the Jetsons

In this powerful and animated presentation, Dr. Rubin Pillay takes us on a journey that explores the key trends propelling the transformation of health care: significant technological innovations and their convergence; the decentralization of care delivery models and the emergence of new business models and novel partnerships; the move from volume to value; and the disruption of the insurance market to outsurance driving the rise of wellness and prevention. The fascinating thing about this science fiction tale is that it's becoming reality, and change is happening so fast that linear and analog thinking in this digital world will just not work. Explore the leadership, operational, business model and clinical implications of this new era, as well as the implications technology will have on rural providers. Pillay, a medical futurist and professor of health care innovation, is currently the assistant dean for global health innovation at the School of Medicine at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and the chief innovation officer of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System.